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Historical Builds : The Argon Wall


The Argon wall was designed as a joke, however, after Argon fell and was annexed by Overseas, another town named Turtle_ville built an outpost near Argon and that wall, which would lead to both Towns creating their Walls and then spiraled out of contol with the first Turtle_ville-Overseas war.


The wall was a 300 blocks long, 5 blocks high, as a joke built wall to 'keep foreigners away'. Obviously, this had no real functionallity since poeple could always do /t spawn Overseas. Regardless this wall had some use in the first Turtle_ville-Overseas war, which occoured on the 19. June of 2019. It made that people from Turtle_ville had slight issues traversing the Town and would halt the progress on killing Overseas, however as the wall was only 5 blocks high, it could be easily traversed via Elytra or /fly. It would later be the basement of the design used for the "great Overseas wall" and "turtles's bane Wall".