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The Argon district


Independent days (Argon)

Argon was a town that was located just 5 chunks south of Overseas, however it didn't have a high impact on Overseases expansion, although Overseas' expansion was slowed down by Argon a bit.
Although Argon was seemingly abondonned a few weeks after it was founded the mayor put significant efforts into the town.
The Mayor, seluma, a former Overseas member had a similar name with the mayor of Fearless, and the Overseas administration put a small inofficial embargo on fearless and the realation with fearless have worsened significantly because of this.
The Overseas administration built a wall around Argon, it was named the Argon Wall .

Post-overseas Integration

This Part is yet to be written. Contribute today! (Two months after it was written nothing happened)

Historical structures

Argon is home to some historical structures, here's a list: