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The Overseas convention Hall and it's Story

About the building

The overseas convention hall was first designed as a cathedral, coincidentally haveing been built on the same week when notre-dame de Paris burnt down (pretty odd, I must admit). It was built over a few untouched plots as well as the former town of WayneManor.
The building was next to the town's farms (it is an intersting subject to speak about, but it hasn't much of a history), which then got replaced soon after they got griefed.
The Building was rebranded as a shopping area a bit later. It was never used for the purpose of Shopping.
Almost 5 months after it got completed it was rebranded again as the town's convention hall. Plots that were for sale for up to $15,000 were taken off the market.

Conventions hosted in the Hall

Currently there were none and there might never be one. So the building was always vacant and had no use.