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The failed shulker grinder


The grinder was a semiautomatic mechanism which is initiated via a lever pulled by a player. The killing mechanism used flowing water which would Fall over the shulkers and suffocate them to death. This was a time consumeing mechanism, however it worked in theory.
In theory.
We knew shulkers can teleport so we anticipated by placeing water around the grinder. A total of 4 chunks were used. (32 blocks x 32 blocks). It is 40 Blocks high.


As you may guess, this didn't work out. As it turned out, the mechanism does work in theory, but not in reality.
Why? The grinder was to small. Shulkers teleport in a radius of 16 blocks around them, while the grinder was made for 10. It was impossible to increase the width of the water, so the spawners were relocated to a manual spawner.

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