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The Broken_fractals - Overseas Highway

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The Broken_fractals - Overseas Highway is a draft project that is still in the early planning phase. It is meant to link Overseas and Broken Fractals via a packed ice pathway. It is still debated wether to build a highway from Overseas to the world spawn. The reason to build something like it was so bystanders could easily admire the beauty of the town.

Project completion estimates

The Highway would be 2 - 6km long (1 km = 1000 blocks) so 10,000 - 30,000 blocks of packed ice. If a boat is used it would take about 50-150 seconds to travel the distance. Costs are estimated to be around $200,000 to $600,000 at most.

Design drafts


a draft, bridge design, frontal view


a draft, bridge design, view from the side


a draft, bridge version, view from the sky

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