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Historical Builds : The Old Shulker Farm


Like every build, this also has a Meaning or, more specifically, a purpose, the old manual shulker was basically a plattflorm connected to the ground with a waterfall. Doesn't look great, but serves is purpose. What you may not know, this build is tightly connected to the first financial successes of the town and made a surplus of about 50k per day.


This build made use of the shulker spawn eggs, which were aviable for 500 per piece at that time, while a shulker shell was sellable for 1k each. Which meant a surplus of about 250 per killed shulker. The shulkers couldn't TP out of the build because of the water and the height of the building which made a efficient and effortless way of killing shulkers. The concept was adopted by the new manual shulker grinder aviable at /t outpost 4


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