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This page is about the origianal Overseas, if you searched for another town go here

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Overseas history and news entries

proto-overseas time

Overseas was founded on january 27 2019, however, its history predates December 2018. It's unsure who and when proto-overseas was founded, but we suppose it must have been founded by someone wealthy or lucky as bedrock kits and december event items were found in the ruins.

January 2019

Overseas was founded on Jan 27 2019. This is where it all begun with me; at that time I wasn't known in the community, although I already played a decent role in aquatic and a major role in Apocalypse before.
I sold a spawner that I found in the ruins and started alongside with brennender_king to finish what someone started all that time before me.
The town has been open since day 1; and sustained 8 - 16 Plots whole January.

February 2019

February 2019 was one of the most important months in the History of Overseas as it was the first full month of its lifetime and would decide wether the town would ever reach the big picture, the town had at the time moderate taxes ($50 per plot; $10 for residenceship daily), although other Towns had Higher taxes, this was a significant roadblock which stopped Overseas from growing.

March 2019

Not much is known of that time, I will dig through my gamelogs for info and stuff ... I might have spent a lot of time playing Stellaris or Rimworld

April 2019

In late April 2019 the Overseas Website was written and published.
I belive (needs to be reviewed, but I can say I won't) that the 'great resident explosion' happened in April, it might had already happened in late March. 'The great residence explosion' was a Time in which the Overseas population skyrocketed from 15 to 80 players. This was the most important event and changed Overseas's landscape forever.
I then got addicted to Stellaris and didn't play Minecraft for 2 weeks

June 2019

June was a very important month for Overseas, with every play in the playerbase haveing left, Overseas would be doomed if it didn't immediately started to make important changes;
I firstly started to raze taxes from $50 to $100 per plot per day;
with devastating results. I then removed the taxes completly - only shop and embassy plots would have taxes on them. However with most of the Town's plot being owned by inactive players, it would be hard to regrow to former glory, allocating new Plots were a timetaking process so I decide to move the town's spawn, infrastructure and expansion to outpost 2.
This was one of the most important decisions and has shaped the future of Overseas forever; with Argon , FDV and Frosty_selaria boxing Overseas in; I had to build Overseas valleylike. It also was, unlike Overseases core district, on land and not ontop of the Ocean which pleased people who want to build underground bases.
In late June 2019, I also made xJohnWickx a assistant of Overseas, fought a war against Turtle_ville, built a wall around argon and claimed argon. It was a pretty eventfull and very fun month.

September 2019

On September 2019 another war raged: the modern-overseas war sparked by the modern disgreement. A treaty was signed a few days later and damage was kept to the minimum.
A Lot of plots were also assigned to Broken_fractals, while most other districts expanded only a bit or didn't expand at all.
Some grinders were also updated while others retired or were a complete failure.

October 2019

On October 2019 plans for building a Highway between Broken_fractals, Overseas and global Spawn were made, this would be the most expensive and biggest project in its history. For its time atleast.
Wether it would run in the overworld or in the nether is still debated oppon.

Overseas news articles

End of the modern-overseas war

We are pleased to announce that the modern-overseas war that has raged for a few days has finally settled. Thanks for everyone that helped in the war.

Overseas plot?

Hello everyone,
With OverseasColony being founded it is time for a plot for our town,
Now, If you want your Version of Overseases past being used, you can submit your Version by mailing them to mcoverseas@geolykt.de.
It wouldn't be a rp without a plot, right?
If noone will submit any (which is likely to occour), I will make one on my own.

best regards, the writer of that post

Roads are getting named

Hello everyone, We have decided that it is profitable to name our districts and roads. We want to thank IlikeWafflesalot for suggesting this to us!
Now, since we have run out of names, I have written a small php-script so you can submit your names. Please note that the maximum size of a name is 80 bytes (about 80 characters). You can submit up to 48.8 Kibibytes of data to us, for obvious reasons (DDoS and stuff).
You can submit names via this form :

Data you submit will be visible by anyone and public domain!

Have a good day !

Griefing within Overseas borders

Hello residents,
We have noticed that a plot has been vandalized within the last days, luckily, the plot has been marked for removal and wasn't owned by anyone, but this makes it even more worrying because it directly hints that the Overseas town administration is untrustworthy or may had been hijacked.
Please report ANY suspicious activities or grief directly to mcoverseas@geolykt.de or admin@geolykt.de (last will result in a faster response).
We are working to detect what the leak might have been and to look for other instances of grief.

Plans for Overseas (June and following)

Morning Minecrafters,
Overseas is thriving in the whole 'Mess' and I want to thank everyone for that.
Overseas has grown alot in the last few months and is now the 4. biggest town on the server with a population of 120 players and a size of 750 chunks and will most likely keep its place for some time.
The town are is bigger than it ever was and there is little to none things that can be improven!
However there's some room to surpass ourselves, Heres a List of improvements and goals to reach for the Town we could make

Plans for Overseas

Morning Minecrafters,
Overseas is thriving in the whole 'Mess' and I want to thank everyone for that.
It's Strange to revive the time when the Town was only 8 chunks big,
Now it's 150 (and counting) Chunks big!
The grinders are bigger than they ever were, I never thought the town would ever get so big!
However there's Room to surpass ourselves, Heres a List of Improvements and Goals to reach for the Town We could make

  • Automatic Shulker Grinder (there's a manual une at /t outpost 4)
  • Ghast and Enderman Grinders (However, I got no Idea how to do it)
  • Blaze Grinders
  • Sheep and Cow Spawners
  • More Plots and Players
  • More Roleplay (I won't force anybody to reach that Goal)
  • Nation (This is an expensive Goal)