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Historical events : The Turtle_ville-Overseas Wars

The first Turtle_ville - Overseas war

Pre-event Story

Three week before the war broke out the Argon Wall was built.
Two weeks before the war Turtle_ville established an outpost near Overseas and Argon, Overseas reacted by expanding the Argon wall. This can be seen as the initial trigger. When Turtle_ville got confronted about it, the mayor said that they were trying to box Overseas in. This would only increase the tensions between the two towns.
One week before the war started Argon was annexed by Overseas

The trigger

The northern edge of Overseas was bombarded just a few hours before the war broke out, with already high tensions with turtle_ville, it was only a matter of minutes before a war would break out if it weren't diffused immidiately.
The mayor of Turtle_ville denied that turtle_ville was in fact bombarding Overseas territory. However, with no other player around this was hard to belive.
The event repeated a few times until Overseas outlawed Turtle_ville's mayor. Turtle_ville promptly responding by outlawing the mayor of Overseas.
When the mayor of Turtle_ville asked Overseas whether they were at war, the response from Overseas was "At least not officially". With Overseas haveing clear intentions to go to war in a few hours but makeing some preparations in the meantime.
Suprisingly for Overseas Turtle_ville declared war on Overseas just a few minutes after the question was asked. The first Turtle_ville-Overseas War broke out.

The war

Only a few moments after the declaration of war multiple towns joined the war, all of them on Overseas' side.
However, a few minutes after the declaration of war, the town of Parrotdise decided to betray Overseas and attack them. Due to this, Overseas had to call reinforcements from the founding forces.
Although the Overseas Army was outnumbered 1 to 2, it still managed to hold out the aggressors pretty well.
After the powerfull town of DimensionalDefenders joined the war on their Side, creating a third party in the war, the economy of Turtle_ville was seriously crippled. Meantime the economy of Overseas was rather normal. Due to this Turtle_ville was forced to capitulate at the end of the day.

The peacedeal

Turtle_ville was forced to cecede their Outpost near Overseas and Argon and a truce was signed between all involved parties.


Due to the war, Overseas decided to build a wall around Overseas; it would be one of the most expensive projects Overseas has ever finished.
The tensions did not flatten out betweeen the two towns, eventually igniting another war. The worst was yet to come.

The second Turtle_ville - Overseas war

Pre-event Story

Turtle_ville and Overseas were already at war once, however the relations between the two towns did not turn to the better.
1 week before the war ignited: Overseas built a railway between two of their Outposts, passing near Turtle_ville
Turtle_ville soon later built a building between Overseas Core borders and the newly established Overseas railway.
Just a few days before the war broke out Overseas started to build multiple oberservation outposts and confronted Turtle_ville. Turtle_ville was asked to remove the outpost near Overseas, they refused. Overseas declared a witch hunt and an embargo on Turtle_ville. War was about to break loose.
When Overseas started to build a series of protective Outposts near its railway, Turtle_ville did not take this lightly and declared war.

The war

Like the first war, Overseas was quickly welcomed by new and old allies. To make matters worse for Turtle_ville, Overseas was in a big nation, while Turtle_ville was fighting alone.
Just a dozen of minutes later, the first explosives started to explode. Turtle_ville's sourroundings was starting to fall apart.
Turtle_ville responded by setting off a multitude of TNT in and in the northern edge of Overseas. Overseas' allies and Overseas responded by setting off even more expolives. The Devil's circle started.
Unexpectidly, Overseas halted all bombardmend of Turtle_ville and tried to push into close combat. Turtle_ville did not enable PvP, so combat never erupted.
Peace was never made while the sourroundings of Overseas were worse and worse by day by day. Soon later, the performium staff got involved and other nations also called out for a white peace.
Although no formal response, bombardmend stopped. Was this the end of the war?

The peacedeal

In fact, a treaty was never signed. However, after the fall of Turtle_ville, Overseas denounced the war and annexed Turtle_ville. Although many would think that the war was won at that point; it wasn't the case.
Some bombing near Overseas was still performed for the next 3 weeks until resistance fully stopped in the beginning of August 2019.