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Historical Builds : The former townhall


The former town hall - where spawn was once located for a couple of months, from April to June - is a 4x2 chunks big building and had addditional 4 embassies nearby, however only 3 of these were claimed and only 2 of these were built oppon.
It has a (now deprecated) how-to-start-guide as well as an altar of light. It should have hosted a few "departments", which were basically libraries tracking thae town's finacial successes/failures.
The building was built out of quarz and spurce planks. While the quarz was optained through the adminshop, the spurce wood was optained via spurce trees which were planted nearby, you can still see the trees which I didn't have the time (or motivation) to cut them down.
It took about 2 days to build the building.


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